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November 01, 2009


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So is that Zap's new car? (for the Striker Crushing guy) What times was the FX running?

Boris Viskovic

I'm pretty sure that is Zap's car with a new front-end after he smacked the wall a couple of months ago. Ran a 5.90-something on that pass and went on to do a 5.83. Pretty sure the new car isn't running that yet.

The FX had a 12.30 dial-in and had made it through the first round of eliminations, so I imagine it was running pretty close to that. Was great to see a four-speed car banging gears down the quarter-mile. Took me back to the good ol' days of Ravenswood.

Rhys Cooper

does anyone have any details about the xh, can i get as much info as possible or point me in the direction of a way of findong out more?


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